Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fa la la la


We've done a lot of playing this week...just hanging around the house. The other morning I was in the bathroom getting ready and Darren was in the tub. I was working on my hair when I didn't hear Darren splashing anymore...!!! I looked over and he had figured out how to roll from his back to tummy in the tub! Crazy child! I can't leave him alone for one second without him trying to do something crazy!JD started his new rotation for the month, he is at Children's Mercy here in Kansas City. He has 2 interviews this here and the other in Billings, Montana. I love this time of year...I love all the cocoa, candy canes, bell ringers, hats and scarfs, egg nog ...I know, they are silly things...but I still love it all! the way...if any of you know my brother Spenser...he turned 20 this week!!! Happy birthday Tumpta Gubba!

Darren just loves his bath!

Check out his new trick! Up on his toes!

He can hold this pose longer than wanna challenge?

Thats right Frosty! Take that! Darren loves to tackle him!

Check it! Ya, I am cute!

Some Christmas photos if you didn't get the card....


Sheridy said...

I Love those pictures!! expecially the one with him in the tub. I've never seen anyone take one at that view it is always on the back. I'm glad that you guys are doing well and good luck to JD on all of his interviews!

Katia TuBe said...

Cute cute cute baby♥︎

Pawan Kumar said...

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Maheep Verma said...

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Jitendra Patel said...

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