Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Darren 3 months.

Well, since we have been back we have had so much to do! We haven't been able to get Darren on a schedule which has been rough. Instead of sleeping for his usual 6-7 hours at a time at night, he's going every 4. :( We have been busy with family! Andy and Spenser were out here we spent a few days hanging out with them. We got to go up and see family at Grandma and Grandpa Fish's house. Darren experienced his first sporting event...we went to a Royal's game! Darren was totally loving it...checking everything out! He was such a good boy! Aunt Lindsay is letting us borrow a Bumbo...which is the best invention ever! It is so awesome because he gets to sit up and watch whats going on! He loves it! A few new things Darren has discovered... He LOVES to stand up and sit up! He HATES laying down on his belly or back! How to grab onto everything and stick it in his mouth! Laughing Sticking out his tongue for fun The TV How to cry until mommy he is in mom's arms That he does not like the car seat or car! The Wheels on the Bus is his favorite song It is so fun watching him discover new things and grow! CRAZY! JD has a study month for September so he is able to be home and help out with Darren a lot more! I think we all kind of like it! Well, I will be gone for the next 2 weeks...Utah and Idaho! So don't be surprised if I don't get a message out until we get back!

Darren and I are in California! We are having so much fun! We only wish JD could be here too! He's busy back home doing a surgery rotation while we are out playing. :( This week has been a busy one! Darren has got to hang out with Grandma Amy. He has also got to meet....Grandpa Hawk, Uncle Tanner, Uncle Justin, and his Aunt Emma. Aunt Emma just got back from EFY and starts school this Wednesday! So we are trying to get as much time with her as possible! Sunday we went over to the Staley's for dinner and everyone got to love on Darren there too! Darren got to meet his first cousins once removed??? We have been pretty busy. One day we went to the Santa Cruz boardwalk....and I had a blast because I got to ride the roller coasters with Tanner and Bryan as Mom helped out with Darren. Darren got to see the beach for the first time! Check out the cute hat Uncle Tanner bought for Darren! I forgot to bring one, so he got him a Santa Cruz one! Emma and I have been busy re-doing her room...I forgot to take before pictures but we will have after ones soon! :) We went shopping around Monterey! I bought my first pair of non-maternity pants! woo hoo! They are a much bigger size than I was hoping...but who cares! They are real pants!!! I have realized how hard it really is living away from my mom and siblings...It really stinks that we have to live so far. It stinks that they will have to watch Darren grow up in pictures. :(
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