Sunday, December 5, 2010

6 months old!!!

So...we've been out of town...yes, AGAIN!This time we went to Pocatello, Idaho and Ogden, Utah. Why? Well, these were JD's first 2 interviews for residency! Ahhh! And you ask why did I go along? Well, the spouse gets to come and see the programs, and can also go to the interviews! It was a ton of fun seeing the areas, getting to know the residents, and learning about the programs. I can't believe we are finally to this point! Ahh!We also snuck up and saw Great Grandma and Grandpa Dayton, Aunt Jacki, Uncle Andy and Uncle Spenser! It was so good to have a little time to see family on our busy trip!Since we've been back, Tina has had the house re-carpeted. Which means lots of moving things and lots of chaos! JD got a huge deer hunting this week! Make sure you "ooh" and "ahh" over it! It's his biggest one yet!I need another vacation! Ahh!

Darren's fake sad face....oh he hates airports!

But...he loves the big beds in the hotels!!!

The house got re-carpeted while we were gone! It turned out great!

Look at Darren sitting up! That's right, he's sitting up without anything behind him now!

JD, John and his friend Kyle. Check out his 10 point buck!

Grandpa Dayton and Darren!
Grandma Dayton and Darren!
Auntie Jaki and Darren!
Darren loves his Johnny Jump Up!

See that little bit of dark hair, aka "mullet"....that is all that is left of his baby hair!

Brr! It is getting cold out here! We decided to go shopping and get Darren a winter coat and hat. To my where do they sell coats for under 6 months. They sell those one-piece suits (which we have a couple that we are borrowing). So, we bought a coat that is 6-12 months...poor little Darren, hopefully he'll grow into it!We got to go see my Aunt Wendy's musical this week. She is the theater director for Kearney High School. Each year they do amazing shows! You forget they are high schoolers! This year was Bye-Bye Birdie. Our cousin Colton was in it, which is so fun to watch! Bronson, his brother does the background was so good to see them!We also celebrated Darci (JD's sister)'s birthday! We went out for Chinese...YUM! So much fun!Poor Darren has a horrible cold/cough. :( Not fun. He is happy even though he isn't always feeling good....such a good baby!He also started being not so interested in strangers. Usually he smiles at everyone and will let just about anyone hold him, lately he has begun to get more clingy! Ahh!Well, that is all for this week!Happy Birthday to Great Grandpa Dayton and to Darci!
Aunt Wendy, Uncle Tom, Grandma Fish, Grandpa Fish, JD, Darren and me!
The Kansas City Temple!!! 1 year left!

Darren's new favorite trick...spitting...

Darren and his big winter coat!